Who & Why

Meet Bhavik, your photographer

I’m a proud father of two boys and a loving husband.

I’ve been a Graphic Designer by heart since childhood and by profession for more than 15 years.

My passion for photography really flourished the day my son was born. He was my first model and since then my two kids have been my biggest inspiration. I never planned on being a photographer or opening a business.

But life is full of surprises, and photography couldn’t be ignored.


Why we do what we do

To us, photography is an art to capture the moments, in their true form. Moments that can bring out people’s unique relationship and personalities. And even though events like weddings, birthdays or any kind of parties have specific yet similar things to capture, the biggest asset of a good photographer is a skill to see things differently every time.

We don’t believe anything should be captured or created in exactly the same way ever. One can take inspiration from something that is great, but no situation can be exactly same. And that’s what makes every moment, every emotion, special in its own way.

We believe that perfect is a myth, and pretty doesn’t hold a candle to authenticity. We always try to capture the emotion in its true form. So when you look at those captured memories, they help you relive those precious moments and drench yourself in those emotions, all over again…