What is Photography to you?

To us, photography is an art to capture the moments, in their true form. Moments that can bring out people’s’ unique relationships and personalities.


Is there a specific photography style you follow?

We are all about candid (photojournalistic) photography. We believe that life is best captured naturally. In simple terms, we let moments happen naturally to capture them in their true form. That minimises posing and keeps the photos more natural and refreshing.


You only charge for the session. What’s the catch?

No catch. We believe that you should have all the high resolution photos to chose what you want to do with them. We know photographers who keep the photos with them unless you buy prints or other photo products from them. We deliver what we would expect from any other photographer for ourselves.


What is a pre-session consultation?

Pre-session is to get to know you and your expectations. It’s a good time to discuss the possible location and answer if you have any questions about the session.

Knowing your photographer before the session may help to bring that sense of comfort to let yourself dive in and enjoy the presence of each other and let us capture those.


I don’t like posing. Will I have to?

We love to capture the emotion of the moment. That doesn’t come from posing. We may guide you a little to help you bring the context to life. But in the end our goal is to capture the moments that happen naturally by you interacting with each other.


What should I wear?

Dress for the location and what brings out who you are. Bright colours work better with kids and subtle, natural colours work better with adults. For couples it’s good to make sure their colour choices complement each other.


Should I wear make-up?

We try to produce photos in their best natural form. So if you want to, keep it light. We believe capturing an emotion in it’s true form is a lot more important than to make sure we all had perfect skin.


What happens during the photo session?

FUN. The photo session is the time when you be yourself and enjoy being around people you love. And let us capture those beautiful moments in their most natural form.


What if I get nervous in front of camera?

That’s the first thing we talk about with you. It’s completely normal for you to be nervous in front of camera. We know how to help you to deal with that. We believe in letting you be yourself.


What happens after the photo session?

After your session we start editing your photos. It takes about 2 to 3 weeks to retouch and adjust each photo. After the process is complete, we’ll send you an email with a link to the album of your beautifully presented images. You’ll be able to share the link with your family & friends. A separate link to download your photos will be sent as well.


What do you mean by retouching photos?

We try to bring the best out of each and every photo we deliver to you. This involves an extensive process of adjusting the settings, cropping to get the best composition and making sure the photo looks the best of what it can be.


How to book a session?

Call or send us an email with your proposed photo session date and we’ll take it from there.